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Welcome to the dynamic universe of zippers, where form meets function in a kaleidoscope of styles. Our collection spans the spectrum, from the enduring reliability of metal zippers to the sleek invisibility of concealed zippers. Whether you’re drawn to the rugged durability of metal, the vibrant versatility of plastic, or the lightweight resilience of nylon, we have the perfect zipper to suit your needs.

Dive into our assortment and discover the innovative flair of reverse zippers, where fashion takes a thrilling new turn. Join us as we redefine the art of fastening, one zipper at a time, and unlock endless possibilities for your garment creations.

Teeth Types/Finishes

Sliders & Link Types

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Order Checklist

Step 1

Zipper Teeth

Choose the appropriate zipper
teeth for your garment

Step 2

Zipper Color

Choose a color from our shade book,
a pantone color or provide a swatch

Step 3

Zipper Type

Do you need a closed-end or an open-end zipper? Perhaps a two-way?

Step 4

Zipper Gauge

Choose the correct gauge for
your garment #3, #5, #8

Step 5

Zipper Length

Let us know the size breakdown for your order in cm or inches

Step 6

Finishing Touches

Choose the appropriate closure and slider

Technical Guides


What a Zipper Constitutes


How to Measure


Zipper Gauges Explained

Types and Closures

The Types of Zippers and their respective Closures