Buttons – Snap into Style

Welcome to our world of metal trims, where functionality meets fashion in the realm of garment embellishments. Dive into an array of meticulously crafted accents designed to elevate the allure of your apparel.

From the iconic snap buttons that effortlessly marry convenience with style, to the rugged elegance of rivets that whisper tales of durability and strength, our collection boasts an eclectic blend of metal adornments.

Whether you’re seeking the timeless charm of classic jeans buttons or the understated sophistication of eyelets, each piece in our selection exudes unparalleled craftsmanship and attention to detail. Discover the perfect finishing touch for your garments as you explore the artistry and versatility of our metal trims.

Metal Buttons

* For detailed plating and painting capabilities, please contact us at info@natzip.net


Order Checklist

Step 1

Button Type

Choose the appropriate type of
button for your garment

Step 2

Size & Customization

Tell us what size you require & the Customization, if any

Step 3

Finishing Touches

Let us know what kind of plating/painting is required

Technical Guides

Size Guide

Ligne and mm chart

Ring/Spring Snap Button

Components Explained

Jeans Button

Fixed vs. Movable Shank

Prong Snap Button

Components Explained